Area Rug Cleaning

Let Clean LA clean your area rugs at our plant where we use the latest technology in area rug cleaning. We use a rug badger machine to beat the back of the rug to release all the grit & fine dirt and dust from the area rug. An area rug that measures 5′ x 8′ fine dirt, dust & sand can easily fill a 2 gallon bucket. This CANNOT be removed with any normal cleaning method. WE at Clean LA make sure that your area rug cleaning is taken to the next level of professionalism.

Pre-conditioning and pre-spot removing on your Area Rug Cleaning.
Cleaning methods: We determine the best way to clean the rug, in this case we used hot water extraction for the best results.

We then treat the fringes to remove staining or browning. The rug is then hang dried on our dry rack then we use a high volume air movement from top and sides for correct drying.
At Clean LA, we believe that cleaning does not cost; we believe it pays. Professional cleaning performed for you by our company means that you are investing in your furnishings and want to add life to the money you already spent when buying them.

Professional cleaning is a science, and we at Clean LA have taken all the necessary steps to educate ourselves with the skills needed to produce the absolute best results when working on your possessions. We use environmentally-safe products that enhance the health and beauty of your home or office by removing not only objectionable general soiling, but also harmful bacteria and fungi.

When we clean your carpets and upholstery, they look better, feel better, and smell better. You know you are getting the best because we have invested our time into learning correct procedures and guidelines to perform the best service possible.

Features of our Fine Fabric Cleaning.
We provide fast-drying Area Rug cleaning to avoid delaminating, slippery footing, new soil buildup, and bad odors. When we clean carpets they are never soaked, and residues never remain. All soiling is removed by our expert cleaning equipment, manned by a responsible and professional technicians.
We provide complete carpet care programs to address periodic traffic lane cleaning, spot and stain removal, and the application of carpet protective treatments.

Upholstery is cleaned in the same professional way that carpet is done: pre-treatment to loosen spots and soiling, followed up by a thorough rinsing that takes all of that loosened soil right out of your home.
Some of the other services we offer: carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, water damage, air duct cleaning, area rug cleaning.