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There is a reason why Clean-LA has earned its spot as one of the most respected carpet cleaning company in Long Beach. Our professional cleaning services are simply top notch and second to none. For over two decades, we have been delivering exceptional cleaning services to different regions in Long Beach. Proudly established in 1999, clean LA has provided state of the art carpet cleaning services to thousands of residential and commercial properties in Long Beach. Thankfully, clean-LA is always at your beck and call when you need water damage restoration and repair, hardwood floor cleaning and restoration, carpet cleaning and lots more.

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At clean-LA, we know how easily a stained carpet or tile can quickly hurt the ambiance of a room. More so, having a dirty carpet doesn’t speak too well of your sense of hygiene as such you’ll definitely need to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Sadly, you may not be able to give your carpet that makeover it deserves if you choose to do it yourself. That’s why you need us as much as we need you. For people planning a party for a friend or loved one, getting your carpets professionally cleaned should be on your card. What’s more? We are glad you asked. For people who may be planning to list their properties for sale, thoroughly cleaning your carpets will give your home a look that will no doubt lure potential buyers and force them to break the bank to purchase your property. Why clean-LA? We are so glad you asked. Read on, and you’ll understand why we are Long Beach’s one stop destination when they need a professional carpet cleaning service in Long Beach.

 Benefits of Hiring Clean-LA

  • We are your one stop destination if you ever need to get your carpets completely rid of all forms of dirt and stains.
  • Our services are eco-friendly, which means we only deploy non-toxic chemicals to clean your hardwood floors, carpets and tiles.
  • Only a phone call away when you need our services. More so, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ready to do your bidding.
  • We only employ and train professionals with the technical know-how to deliver a clean finish. Also, they are always on time to handle your cleaning jobs.
  • Our cleaning services include Carpet and rug cleaning, hardwood refinishing, water damage repair and restoration as well as grout cleaning services.
  • Amazingly, our services are very affordable.
  • We don’t ruin your carpets as we always carry out a PH test to ensure the chemicals used are the right fit for your carpet.
  • We deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks to our team of highly trained professionals who can be trusted to deliver what we promise- impeccable cleaning service.



For over two decades, Clean-LA has been delivering only top notch carpet cleaning service in Long Beach. And this isn’t surprising given our knack to deliver quality services that are worth our clients’ money and even more. Interestingly, we do not just strive to give your carpet a whole new look; we strive to prolong their life and ensure they serve you better.

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To ensure that we leave nothing to chance, we only deploy high pressured and state of the art cleaning machines to do the job our clients contract us for. Trust us when we say our cleaning equipment are the best right now in the industry.

At Clean-LA, we know that you can’t keep spills and dirt away from your carpets. Nonetheless, we offer a robust cleaning solution by providing deep cleaning and faster drying for your carpets. Having done our job successfully, you can be rest assured that your carpets will be formidable against spills, dirt and above all, daily wear and tear.

Whether you want your cleaning done today or in the next few hours, Clean-LA is always at hand to deliver our expertise 7 days a week. Reach out to us today, and you wouldn’t regret you did.


After a while, hardwood floors tend to be unattractive. No thanks to spills and stains here and there. But not to worry, Clean-LA is always ready to come to your rescue when you need your hardwood floors cleaned and polished to restore their original elegant appeal. To put our mouth where our money is; our professional floor refinishers have been professionally trained to renew your hardwood floors without having to sand it. Isn’t that impressive?

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To ensure we deliver a great work, our professional refinishers first apply a simple chemical etching technique before proceeding to apply a brand new top coat finish.

With us at your beck and call, you can forget about having dirt and stains littered on your hardwood floors. After we must have finished our job, we are sure you’ll be wowed by the end result. So, if you ever need your hardwood cleaned and restored, look no further than Clean-LA today.


Water Damage Repair:

Are you currently struggling with water damage on your property and you don’t know what to do about it? Give us a call, and we will fix it right away. There is no doubt that water damage requires immediate attention except if of course, you want your home to be flooded. The good news is with Clean-LA, you can have an expert fix your water damage issue within minutes if you call now. Give us a call today, and you will never regret you did.

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Tile and Grout

If you live in a modern home fitted with tiles and other hard surface flooring, you’ll agree that a few dirt or stains can leave your floors spooky and unattractive. That’s why giving them the regular make over they need will be your best attempt at maintaining the sanity of your home. But doing this on your own can be a tad difficult if not impossible. But with Clean-LA at your service you have nothing to worry about. At Clean-LA we know how to effectively remove that stubborn dirt and stains that just wouldn’t go way. Reach out to us today to get your tile and grout all shining again.

  • We recently hired the Clean LA team to clean our carpets at our home in Redondo Beach. The Clean-LA team was prompt and completed the job way before their schedule. I must say I am very much impressed by their service. They really did a great job and also spent extra time on areas that needed a deep clean. Our white carpets looked as good as new now. Thank you for everything! – “Google review

    Nora Coulson
  • I really appreciate the hard work put in by the Clean-LA team. They have done a fantastic job with our carpeting. When I came back to check my home in the evening, I was amazed at the transformation. I wasn’t expecting the carpet could come out that clean. Absolutely incredible! Strongly recommended to everyone! -“Google review


    Denise Marie
  • This company deserve a medal. After contacting 5 different cleaning company’s non of them was able to deal with my carpets. I been told it’s too old for treatment. Clean-la used Eco -friendly carpet cleaning solution which saved me a hundreds $$$. Thank you!

    Jane Williams
  • Fantastic carpet cleaning service by this company, just when we though we need to buy a new carpet we found Best decision this year.

    Jack McGregor
  • Just a superb clean by Clean-la. I got the best price in the market with exceptionally carpet cleaning service. Top carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles. Thanks.

    Rob Alzorah


Meet Our Team




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There are a couple of factors that stand Clean-LA out in Rancho Palos Verdes. We offer all the services you would ever get from any carpet or floor cleaning industry in all of Los Angeles. But we take it further by offering services you can only get from Clean-LA. Ever wondered why residents of Rancho Palos Verdes run to us for even the minutest carpet and floor cleaning service they need? It’s because of the many extra services we attach to the normal service you can get from the other cleaning companies. First off, we provide consistent, prompt, professional and quality carpet care experiences with guaranteed customer satisfaction. We have carpet cleaners who are well-trained, friendly, and responsive.

We do not just come to your house or office with a couple of appliances with which to carry out a cleaning service you paid good money for (big or small). We make sure we give you the best service you can ever find in Los Angeles. With our advanced carpet cleaning equipment, we provide deep intense cleaning that can’t elude even a child’s notice. As excellent as that sounds, it is not the major factor that stands us out of the crowd. Our major selling point lies in the competitive price we attach to the services we render to residents of Rancho Palos Verdes. We are so careful not to force clients into biting more than they can actually chew. Whatever amount of money you allot to cleaning services will serve. All you need do is to contact Clean-LA to give you the best cleaning service for as much as you can afford.

We offer upfront pricing on the phone and send you a technician who will not double the price the moment he arrives at your home or office. We have diverse areas of specialization. With the many carpet and floor challenges faced by the people of Rancho Palos Verdes, we couldn’t afford to choose just one area of specialty, leaving helpless residents of Rancho Palos Verdes to feed on their wounds. Clean-LA specializes in all types of carpet cleaning because we are well aware of how important clean carpets are to you. More so, we exceed your expectation by not just cleaning your home or office but also sanitizing it for you. This additional service is particularly appreciated by homes that have children in it.

We make it a point of duty to take off all types of dirt, sand, and grit on your carpets and make it beautiful and hygienic for a longer-lasting use. Clean-LA is a full-service carpet cleaning enterprise that focuses on giving that professional and quality cleaning services to its Rancho Palos Verdes clients. Our cleaning team is trained to clean carpets and hardwood floors using a variety of methods.

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