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The need to always keep our carpets, rugs, and tiles spotless all day long cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, keeping our carpets clean can prove quite daunting especially if we have a busy schedule. Thankfully, clean-LA has stepped into the fray to ensure that your carpets are professionally cleaned with no traces of dirt or spots. With Clean-LA at your service, you no longer have to worry about having a stained carpet or tiles that visitors may find unattractive. With over two decades of delivering unrivaled carpet cleaning service, Clean-LA is poised to deliver on what we promise. Our services span the length and breadth of Manhattan Beach as we have thousands of satisfied residential and business owners who trust us to always deliver impeccable carpet cleaning service. In 2016, Forbes ranked Manhattan Beach at #74 on its list of America’s most expensive zip codes with a median home price of $2,815,327.

 Benefits of Hiring Clean-LA

  • We are reputed professionals with over two decades of cleaning experience and providing professional cleaning services to Manhattan Beach.
  • We strive to deliver environmental friendly cleaning services. As such we only use non-toxic chemicals to clean your tiles and hardwood floors.
  • With just a call, you can get all that immaculate cleaning service you have always wanted for your carpets and rugs. To this end, we are always working round the clock, 7 days a week.
  • To deliver on what we promise, we ensure that only professionals with the technical knowledge of quality cleaning are dispatched to handle your cleaning job.
  • Our services are all encompassing. We provide cleaning services for rugs, hardwood refinishing, water damage repair and restoration including tile and grout cleaning services.
  • Our services are affordable as we offer mouthwatering rates to people who dare to try out services.
  • We take our job quite seriously and ensure that we don’t use chemicals that will ruin your carpet. Consequently, we test the PH of your carpet. This allows us to use the right chemicals to clean your carpet.
  • Delivering 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive to achieve.
  • Dedicated support.



When it comes to delivering unrivaled carpet cleaning services, Clean-LA has earned its place as one of the best in Manhattan Beach. And that’s no news giving our over two decades of cleaning experience. We desire to give your carpet that clean that makes it as spotless as it was when you purchased.

To deliver, impeccable services, we only deploy state of the art cleaning equipment that are designed to rid your carpet of all stains and dirt.

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Our modus operandi is offering a professional cleaning service that doesn’t just keep stains and dirt away, but also offer a robust cleaning service that guarantees deep cleaning and faster drying for your carpet.

So, whether you want your carpet cleaned today or maybe tomorrow, you can always trust us to deliver a quality service. And guess what? We are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to do your bidding.


Don’t we all just love hardwood floors? I bet we do. But you’ll agree that when they are stained, they become less appealing. But with quality cleaning, your hardwood floors will look as clean as they were installed. And where else can you get a quality cleaning service than contracting Clean-LA to give your floors that immaculate clean it deserves? At Clean-LA, we pride ourselves in helping our clients restore their hardwood floor to their original appeal. And this we easily do by first applying our ever trusty chemical etching technique before applying a clean topcoat finish.

Reach out to Clean-LA today, and you’ll be excited you did.



We know how annoying water damage can be. We also know that water damage needs immediate attention. That’s why we are always a call away whenever you want to fix a water damage that is threatening your home. And the good news is, an expert will be at your location within minutes after you must have reached out to us. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and we would get things started immediately.

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Tile and Grout

Without a doubt, tiles and grout add to the ambiance of a home. But what looks all nice, classy and appealing can easily fade away no thanks to stains and dirt. But not to worry, Clean-LA, are always there to restore the appeal of your tile grout flooring. And while you may sometimes want to clean your tiles and grout yourself, contracting the services of professional cannot be overemphasized.  Professionals like us have the technical know-how to deliver an outstanding job.

  • We recently hired the Clean LA team to clean our carpets at our home in Redondo Beach. The Clean-LA team was prompt and completed the job way before their schedule. I must say I am very much impressed by their service. They really did a great job and also spent extra time on areas that needed a deep clean. Our white carpets looked as good as new now. Thank you for everything! – “Google review

    Nora Coulson
  • I really appreciate the hard work put in by the Clean-LA team. They have done a fantastic job with our carpeting. When I came back to check my home in the evening, I was amazed at the transformation. I wasn’t expecting the carpet could come out that clean. Absolutely incredible! Strongly recommended to everyone! -“Google review


    Denise Marie
  • This company deserve a medal. After contacting 5 different cleaning company’s non of them was able to deal with my carpets. I been told it’s too old for treatment. Clean-la used Eco -friendly carpet cleaning solution which saved me a hundreds $$$. Thank you!

    Jane Williams
  • Fantastic carpet cleaning service by this company, just when we though we need to buy a new carpet we found Best decision this year.

    Jack McGregor
  • Just a superb clean by Clean-la. I got the best price in the market with exceptionally carpet cleaning service. Top carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles. Thanks.

    Rob Alzorah


Meet Our Team




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Just when you thought you have seen the best of carpet cleaning services, Clean-LA steps in and wow you with their impeccable cleaning services. And with over two decades of exceptional cleaning service, Clean-LA has carved a niche for itself as one of the top cleaning service company with many outlets in many cities including Manhattan Beach. Amazingly, we have a long list of clients including top companies who contract us to give their carpets and rugs a complete makeover.

It doesn’t end there. Our team of dedicated and well-trained cleaners are not just friendly and responsive; they are equally equipped with state of the art equipment to deliver quality cleaning service. When you contract us to do your cleaning jobs, you can be rest assured that we will deliver just as we promised.

In a bid to ensure that you get value for money spent, Clean-LA ensures we carry out an analysis of your carpet or rug and hence, we only use non-toxic chemicals that will in no way cause damage to your carpet. More so, our expert cleaners have been trained to pay attention to details; hence they can easily spot the slightest of dirt. The icing on the cake for us is that we do not only strive to give your carpet that spotless look but give it a clean that will prolong its life.

Without mincing word, there are only a few companies in the industry that can give us a run for our money! And yes our service pricing are quite affordable, to say the least. While we agree that quality service cannot be negotiated, we also believe that our clients don’t have to go overboard with their budget to get their carpets professionally cleaned.

Is that all? Absolutely no. Right from the comfort of your home, you can give us a call, and we would send over a cleaning expert to get your job done. Again, we offer upfront pricing right on the phone, this means you don’t have to worry about our cleaning agents charging you more after they must have completed their job.

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