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Looking for the most professional and reliable carpet cleaning company in Rancho Palos Verdes? You might want to consider going for Clean-LA, a carpet cleaning company founded in 1999 to attend to as many residential and comm Save & Exit ercial properties as there is in any given area of Los Angeles. In Rancho Palos Verdes alone, Clean-LA has served thousands of properties, hence easing carpet and floor cleaning works for asset owners. Clean-LA puts its 20-year carpet and floor cleaning experience to work and satisfies clients with state-of-the-art carpet care. This is a service that residents of Rancho Palos Verdes have so cherished, leading to our settlement in this part of Los Angeles.

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Homes and offices can hardly exist without some stains on the carpets and floors. More so, the need to keep a home or an office in a state that continually appeals to the eyes of visitors and even the owners have seen Clean-LA stepping in to arrest unlikely carpet situations that can ooze an ill impression of a property. No one wants his home or office’s ambiance turning from a beautiful bright welcoming lounge to a damp, unattractive, and uninviting place. Party freaks sure don’t want their invitees coming in to cope with such inconvenience. That spells out the ultimate need to have your carpets and floors cleaned up by professionals, the best of which is Clean-LA. You may have in mind to sell off your property sooner than later. The question is; “do you want to give your potential buyers a good impression of the property they want to buy?” If yes, then the priority on your list should be to get the carpets and floors in the house cleaned up by a professional cleaning company. Just so you know, a thorough carpet cleaning is an excellent way to give your home a nice face lift for your potential buyers. Keep in mind that buyers always want the best value for their money (no matter how small the money is). So, if you must get them to trade, you sure need to present something of value to them. When Clean-LA handles the cleaning of your property, the properties end up appearing more valuable than they actually are. It’s no voodoo!!! It’s simply professionalism!!!

 Benefits of Hiring Clean-LA

  • Our cleaning services are eco-friendly and we only use non-toxic chemicals to clean carpets, hardwood floors and tiles.
  • We are readily available for professional cleaning in Rancho Palos Verdes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • We offer rug cleaning, water damage repair and restoration, hardwood refinishing, and grout cleaning services at affordable rates.
  • We check the PH of the carpet stain to let us select the best possible chemical to remove it.
  • Our well-trained cleaning crew arrives at your home or office within the exact time frame of your appointment.
  • We are overly committed to offering 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Best price and quality in the Rancho Palos Verde.



: Right from 1999 when Clean-LA was founded, it has offered professional carpet cleaning services in Rancho Palos Verdes and other parts of Los Angeles. Our excellent service to our clients is inspired by our understanding of our clients’ needs and goals. So we make sure we don’t offer any less value for the money paid us by our clients. We do not just focus on cleaning carpets and upholstery but also help in prolonging their life. Our cleaning experts only make use of high pressure, intense heat, and state-of-the-art carpet cleaning tools which are considered the best technology for a complete and professional carpet cleaning service.

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It is no hidden fact that spills and dirt are inevitable. Since they are inevitable, how do you tackle them consistently to keep your home and office in order at all times? That’s why Clean-LA is here. We offer a deep cleaning and a fast drying of carpets for your home and office. After a thorough clean-up, wecan guarantee that your carpet will resist dirt, spills, and daily wear and tear. We use our cleaning experience of two decades to form a successful carpet cleaning program forRancho Palos Verdes homes and offices. You can reach Clean-LA anytime. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Let us help you achieve all your service demands, requests, and emergency phone calls.


If you want to have your hardwood floors restored to their original condition, put a call across to Clean-LA and the job will be done for you instantly. Our professional floor refinishers will renew the finish on your hardwood floors with great ease. We first use a very simple chemical etching technique and then apply a new topcoat of finish. Stop spending precious time worrying about the dirt and grime that hide in the crevices of your hardwood floors. Let our floor cleaning and refinishing service remove all sorts of dirt and grime appearing on the surface of the wood. If left there, they leave a negative impression on your guests.

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You don’t want that, do you? Our floor refinishers will give your hardwood floors a thorough and professional deep cleaning which is necessary to keep dirt and grit from wearing down the finish.Contact Clean-LA today to restore the shine of your hardwood floors.



Home owners who are faced with a water damage plague should quickly run to Clean-LA for repairs. As you may know, water damage requires urgent attention. So, if a heavy rainfall or flood leaves your home damaged by water, call on our repair experts and they will respond immediately and bring advanced equipment to your property to clear up the mess and repair the damage. The unforeseen-could spring forth at any time to bite you. Get in touch with Clean-LA for immediate assistance when it does.

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Tile and Grout

Houses in the 21st century can’t do without tile and other hard surface flooring. But when it comes to keeping the tile floors cleaned, it becomes a hard nut to crack. In addition to being a messy task, it is so uncomfortable and time-consuming. At a times like this, what you need is a professional tile and grout cleaning company that knows how to clean up all the dirt, grime, and spills from your tiles. Simply put, what you need is Clean-LA. We offer professional tile and grout cleaning service that restores the luster to your floors. 

  • We recently hired the Clean LA team to clean our carpets at our home in Redondo Beach. The Clean-LA team was prompt and completed the job way before their schedule. I must say I am very much impressed by their service. They really did a great job and also spent extra time on areas that needed a deep clean. Our white carpets looked as good as new now. Thank you for everything! – “Google review

    Nora Coulson
  • I really appreciate the hard work put in by the Clean-LA team. They have done a fantastic job with our carpeting. When I came back to check my home in the evening, I was amazed at the transformation. I wasn’t expecting the carpet could come out that clean. Absolutely incredible! Strongly recommended to everyone! -“Google review


    Denise Marie
  • This company deserve a medal. After contacting 5 different cleaning company’s non of them was able to deal with my carpets. I been told it’s too old for treatment. Clean-la used Eco -friendly carpet cleaning solution which saved me a hundreds $$$. Thank you!

    Jane Williams
  • Fantastic carpet cleaning service by this company, just when we though we need to buy a new carpet we found Best decision this year.

    Jack McGregor
  • Just a superb clean by Clean-la. I got the best price in the market with exceptionally carpet cleaning service. Top carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles. Thanks.

    Rob Alzorah


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There are a couple of factors that stand Clean-LA out in Rancho Palos Verdes. We offer all the services you would ever get from any carpet or floor cleaning industry in all of Los Angeles. But we take it further by offering services you can only get from Clean-LA. Ever wondered why residents of Rancho Palos Verdes run to us for even the minutest carpet and floor cleaning service they need? It’s because of the many extra services we attach to the normal service you can get from the other cleaning companies. First off, we provide consistent, prompt, professional and quality carpet care experiences with guaranteed customer satisfaction. We have carpet cleaners who are well-trained, friendly, and responsive.

We do not just come to your house or office with a couple of appliances with which to carry out a cleaning service you paid good money for (big or small). We make sure we give you the best service you can ever find in Los Angeles. With our advanced carpet cleaning equipment, we provide deep intense cleaning that can’t elude even a child’s notice. As excellent as that sounds, it is not the major factor that stands us out of the crowd. Our major selling point lies in the competitive price we attach to the services we render to residents of Rancho Palos Verdes. We are so careful not to force clients into biting more than they can actually chew. Whatever amount of money you allot to cleaning services will serve. All you need do is to contact Clean-LA to give you the best cleaning service for as much as you can afford.

We offer upfront pricing on the phone and send you a technician who will not double the price the moment he arrives at your home or office. We have diverse areas of specialization. With the many carpet and floor challenges faced by the people of Rancho Palos Verdes, we couldn’t afford to choose just one area of specialty, leaving helpless residents of Rancho Palos Verdes to feed on their wounds. Clean-LA specializes in all types of carpet cleaning because we are well aware of how important clean carpets are to you. More so, we exceed your expectation by not just cleaning your home or office but also sanitizing it for you. This additional service is particularly appreciated by homes that have children in it.

We make it a point of duty to take off all types of dirt, sand, and grit on your carpets and make it beautiful and hygienic for a longer-lasting use. Clean-LA is a full-service carpet cleaning enterprise that focuses on giving that professional and quality cleaning services to its Rancho Palos Verdes clients. Our cleaning team is trained to clean carpets and hardwood floors using a variety of methods.

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