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Clean-LA is recognized to be the one stop cleaning answer that offers a full range of carpet cleaning and restoration services. Established in 1999,  Clean-LA has since proved itself worthy of being numbered among the best carpet cleaning in Torrance and beyond. And considering the sea breeze, low humidity and temperatures that characterizes a city like Torrance, it is expected that carpets will get messy every now and then.

The estimated 147,478 residents of Torrance cannot be left to put up with messy carpets they did nothing to deserve. Thankfully, Clean-LA is always available to save a messy day. In the last two decades, Clean-LA has served numerous residential, industrial, and commercial properties in Torrance from the dampness of stained carpets by providing state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services that enhance the appearance and cleanliness of the home. That is what every client wants, and we simply give nothing less!!!

 Benefits of Hiring Clean-LA Carpet Cleaning Company

  • Clean-LA is top rated and trusted carpet cleaning in Torrance.
  • Provides environmentally-friendly home cleaning services and more.
  • Uses non-toxic chemicals for deep-cleaning tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors.
  • Available Saturday and Sunday, 24h for your urgent inquiries.
  • Guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • Best quality and price guaranteed.
  • Flat rate and affordable.


 Carpet Cleaning in Torrance

After you have made an investment in your home, you have to protect your investment. Clean-LA has you covered in that aspect, as our professionalism in carpet cleaning will keep the investment you have made in your home protected. Since 1999, thousands of homes and offices in Torrance have enjoyed our cleaning services which combine carpet cleaning solutions with advanced industry-leading equipment. With our team of experienced staff, you need not worry about professional carpet cleaning service being delivered. Your rugs, carpets, and upholstery are kept safe. More so, you get to have a piece of mind, knowing fully well that you have an absolutely clean, healthy and refreshed home for you and your family.

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Clean-LA is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us fulfill all your service demands, requests, and emergency phone calls.



Clients’ needs are fully understood by Clean-LA and we do all within our power to provide our clients with great value for their money. There is no loss or dissatisfaction with us, as we simply make your carpet and floor fantasy become real!!! We go beyond focusing on just cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery. We make sure the life of the carpets and floors we clean are prolonged. Using high pressure, innovative, and advanced carpet cleaning facilities, our cleaning experts carry out professional cleanup jobs which have made us Torrance’s favorite carpet cleaning company in the past 20 years. As much as we can say, our carpet cleaning service is convenient, fast and easy. We return your home to its original condition in a twinkle of an eye.

This is why homeowners in Torrance pitch their tents with Clean-LA for their cleaning needs. To get rid of all the allergens, dirt, dust mites, and pet dander in your carpets, you need Clean-LA. Our proficient carpet cleaning system can take off stubborn stains, remove all the dirt, abolish all types of odors, and bring back the color of your carpets.

 Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Our expert cleaners have a full understanding of the complexities and processes associated with hardwood floor cleaning and have been providing professional floor cleaning services in Torrance since 1999. As you may know, regular home cleaners may find the task of hardwood floor cleaning to be extremely challenging and impossible. But that is not a problem for Clean-LA, as we provide deep cleaning that takes off all the dirt from deep within the narrow cracks and crevices of your hardwood floor. We do not just remove the dirt, we also provide quality air and circulation, giving your home a clean and healthy atmosphere.

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Clean-LA is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all Los Angeles areas. Let us fulfill all your service demands, requests, and emergency phone calls.


Put a call across to us today and have us restore that perfect shine on your hardwood floors and free them from all the dust, toxins and odor.

Call for our services today and afford us the opportunity to restore your hardwood floors to their original squeaky clean condition. We perfectly polish your hardwood floor.

Our professional floor refinishers give your floors a brand new look by means of their chemical etching technique. With Clean-LA, you never have to worry about all the dirt and grime that sticks on your hardwood floors. Put a call across to us today and have us restore that perfect shine on your hardwood floors and free them from all the dust, toxins and odor.

 Water Damage Repair

For home owners whose homes have suffered damage by recent rains and flooding, water damage restoration experts are here to serve you!!! All you need do is have us clean up your home and curtail the damage caused by excess rain or flooding. We offer prompt assistance in times of flooding. Our trained specialists are always available on call 24/7 and arrive at the scene fully-loaded with potent state-of-the-art tools and equipment that can extract all the water from your home. Panic no more. Just call us have your home cleaned up in an hour.

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• The unexpected is always around the corner and waiting to bite you. Get in touch with Clean-LA for immediate assistance.


TILE AND GROUT: Cleaning grout on tile floors by hand is a hard task. In addition, it is extremely messy and uncomfortable. At times, getting the desired results could be impossible even after a thorough cleanup. Only cleaning services offered by professionals can give the best deep-clean results on your tile and grout. Clean-LA offers specialized tile and grout cleaning services to residential, industrial and commercial sectors in Torrance. Contact us today and have us restore the shine on your tile.

  • We recently hired the Clean LA team to clean our carpets at our home in Redondo Beach. The Clean-LA team was prompt and completed the job way before their schedule. I must say I am very much impressed by their service. They really did a great job and also spent extra time on areas that needed a deep clean. Our white carpets looked as good as new now. Thank you for everything! – “Google review

    Nora Coulson
  • I really appreciate the hard work put in by the Clean-LA team. They have done a fantastic job with our carpeting. When I came back to check my home in the evening, I was amazed at the transformation. I wasn’t expecting the carpet could come out that clean. Absolutely incredible! Strongly recommended to everyone! -“Google review


    Denise Marie
  • This company deserve a medal. After contacting 5 different cleaning company’s non of them was able to deal with my carpets. I been told it’s too old for treatment. Clean-la used Eco -friendly carpet cleaning solution which saved me a hundreds $$$. Thank you!

    Jane Williams
  • Fantastic carpet cleaning service by this company, just when we though we need to buy a new carpet we found Best decision this year.

    Jack McGregor
  • Just a superb clean by Clean-la. I got the best price in the market with exceptionally carpet cleaning service. Top carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles. Thanks.

    Rob Alzorah


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A commitment to excellence is the foundation of Clean-LA. We make sure our customers are provided with the most professional carpet service they can ever find in all of Torrance. All our attention is being devoted to the understanding of our clients’ needs and budget limitations. That way, we offer our clients excellent services that fall within their budget. In order words, you get an excellent service anyway; your budget notwithstanding. We are able to render such sacrificial service because we are more passionate about getting carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors cleaned than we are about the money. As a matter of fact, the price is rarely the most important thing on our priority list. Rather, we are concerned with the ethics, honesty, and integrity that we offer our customers. However, the primary factor that makes us a top competitor in the carpet cleaning industry in Torrance is our use of advanced technology to deliver jobs and the way we combine it with impressive high-level cleaning services.


All the members of our staff are carefully chosen and trained to afford you an experience that is exceptional in every way. We are a certified cleaning company that offer all sorts of cleaning services to see that homes and business premises in Torrance are kept squeaky clean, healthy, and happy. A lot of carpet cleaning companies out there are only good at charging outrageous rates for cleaning services. What places us above such high-charging carpet cleaning companies is our affordable cleaning fee which is made flexible enough to match the budget of clients from all classes of life. Also, a lot of carpet cleaning companies in Torrance charge extra for the removal of specific carpet stains. But Clean-LA will never subject you to such financial burden, as we charge a flat rate for carpet cleaning services, the manner of the service notwithstanding. With Clean-LA, there are no hidden costs.

Our staff does nothing less than provide upfront pricing on call and allot a technician to you who would start the cleaning process without charging you an extra penny. Clean-LA specializes in cleaning your carpets, tiles, and hardwood flooring in ultimate accordance with the standards of the industry. We are a full-service one-stop cleaning company that uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment for our cleaning services, thus leaving your carpet and floor clean, healthy, odor-free, and spotless. What more can Torrance ask for???

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